Would you like:
  • Guidance for your personal and professional development in the Club industry, from someone with a wealth of experience?
  • An opportunity to reflect on professional challenges and achievements?
  • Satisfaction from helping others and contributing to the future success of the profession?
  • A chance to develop your mentoring and leadership skills?

The CMAA National Mentoring Program aims to bring industry professionals together to inspire, teach and cultivate the next generation of Club leaders.

The CMAA National Mentoring Program pairs emerging club managers seeking guidance and support with more experienced practitioners who are willing to commit time and energy to the professional development of another practitioner.

The CMAA Mentoring Program is a 6 month program, from June to November 2017. Applications are open until 26 May 2017


The CMAA National Mentoring Program will be an important component for developing, sustaining and satisfying professional careers for Club managers and helping them to attain higher levels of certification.

Participants in mentor programs report a number of benefits from their participation: improved confidence, self-awareness, clearer direction, better communication skills, listening skills, feedback skills, more assertive communication, and enhanced management skills.
Some examples of what our mentors may assist with:

·       Act as a source of information and insight
·       Suggest relevant options regarding career development or strategies for achieving professional goals
·       Recommend possible resources to improve specific critical project management skills
·       Help the mentee solve professional challenges in their working life
·       Discuss issues of professional ethics
·       Discuss workplace related issues and options for how these may be addressed.


What's Involved?

Mentors and mentees will be matched according to application details and are required to attend three events - Program Launch, Mid-Program Review and Program Close delivered via Webinars. 

During the program, mentors and mentees will be expected to be in contact at least monthly.

Mentees and mentors will also be asked to complete Art of Mentoring online program training to prepare them for their mentoring relationship. Acceptance into the program is conditional upon your commitment to completion of the training. Art of Mentoring is a leading Australian mentoring consultancy that has been engaged by CMAA to assist with design and management of the pilot program.

During the program, you will receive frequent communications from the Program Facilitators, giving you helpful tips and information about mentoring and access to other relevant materials available for supporting mentees.

During and at the end of the 6 month program you will be invited to provide feedback to CMAA about your experience. Your acceptance into the program as a mentee at the introductory fee rate is conditional on your willingness to provide the requisite feedback for evaluation of the pilot program.


Who can apply?

To join as a mentee, you must:
  • be an Club Management professional aspiring to a more senior Management role, a CEO role or a larger CEO role (if already a CEO of a small Club),
  • be a financial member,
  • have been in industry for 12 months or more,
  • have the support of your Club,
  • be able to allocate necessary time to program
To join as a mentor, you must:
  • be a CEO, General Manager, Secretary Manager or very experienced Senior manager (this will be at the discretion of CMAA),
  • have been in a Senior Leadership role for more than 10 years ,
  • be a financial member,
  • be able to allocate necessary time to program.

Both mentees and mentors must also be willing to attend program events, complete the training provided and provide feedback via online surveys. 

Key Dates

 Information Webinar** 12.00-12.45pm, 16th May 2017 
 Applications Close   26th May 2017 
 Program Launch Webinar  12.00-1.00pm, 13th June  2017
 Progress Review Webinar  12.00-1.00pm for Mentees, 28th  August 2017
1.00pm- 2.00pm for Mentors, 28th  August 2017
 Program Close Webinar 12.00-1.00pm, 29th November 2017


The fee for mentees for the pilot program is $350 + GST. Payment is due once the mentee has been matched and has a place in the program. The special pilot fee rate for mentees is conditional on completion of training and surveys.

Mentors are volunteers - they are not paid and there is no fee for their participation. As well as the opportunity to contribute their experience to other members, mentors will also receive CPD points.

What do I do next?

Apply NOW as applications will close by 26th May 2017. Please give as much information as you reasonably can in your profile as it will assist the matching process. You will be advised if there is a suitable match, in early May 2017.

What if I'm not selected?

We will endeavour to match all mentees and mentors that apply, provided that we have a suitable match. Some mentors may not be matched if their expertise/ experience is not suitable for any applicants. If we don’t have a suitable match for a mentee or mentor, we won’t pair you for the sake of putting you in the program.

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What participants say
“It’s so inspiring to connect with someone in the same position you were in ten years ago, and you get motivated again because they have that energy..”
- Mentor
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